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Pred X-10 lipo saddle conversion
Lipo saddle can be hassle but worth it in the end.
lipo fitted in place, i'm happy with it.
servo moved back and re-mounted down. 
along the centre of the chassis, i have a 5g weight each side and some lexan adesived so the lipo wont get...
i drilled this on low speed, all the counter-sinkin was done last with a 8mm wood bit.
this drill hole is easier to do but you can see how far back you actually need to move to get a lipo in.
by looking at the underneath of the chassis, you can see the gap variation. pay attention to how close you get with the drill bit, use a vaiable...
i moved my servo back so it just allowed my lipo to drop in to the chassis, it was just under 5mm.
done as above.
heres how i done the next hole:  Bolt the battery bar down to the new drill hole, line it up straight then send a small drill bit through the baterry...
it looks closer to the chassis edge than it actually is. looks can be decieving, the gap between the standard drill hole to the new lipo drill-hole...

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