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Offroad rides 2wd & 4wd
A look through some of the weapons of choice over the last 12 months. Sadly some have been passed on but I still have enough around me to cause me a whole lot of wrenching!
Atomic Carbon CR2T.....MAN WHAT A TRUCK!
PHAT BODIES CHUNK C3...I have 2 of these beasts :D
Losi XX4 Worlds Edition full recon project...sadly no longer with me :(
My Team Xtreme Vega 201....bless it :)
Team Xtreme Vega 201, Solid, well made and my favourite buggy in 2wd so far
Atomic Carbon CR2 SE Created by carbon magicians and a truly lovely buggy to work on...sadly missed
X Factory X6 Squared Corners like its on rails and jumps like a young gazelle :D
Cougar SV Pro CF Carbon and purple lovelyness
Hyper 10TT Flew like a mig jet and sounded like one as well ;)
Losi XX4 Worlds Edition - Still the best 4wd I have ever driven

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