View Full Version : Hardware or setup difference help

02-05-2012, 06:29 AM
Hoping for a little help, heres the info you may need

A.2WD durango
LRP SXX V2 not the TC spec pretty sure its the latest software
LRP X12 8.5T motor timing on 000
Gearing **87/26 not 83
Mid motor + Gear diff felt the same with ball diff

B.2WD Durango
LRP SXX V2 TC spec latest software
Robotronic 8.5T motor timing on 4 (stock) on a scale of 0-8
Gearing 87/25
Rear motor + ball diff

I feel that the car B is faster and more... (technical word coming ) snappy
Is it the gearing thats doing it?
The speedo because they are different?
The diffs?
Motor positions?

I didn't get to try a lot of different things except the gear diff in car A
I will try changing settings next time.

Any tips hints suggestions?

** Right I tried changing from 1640 to 1460 and it did help So ill keep trying with the settings some and see what I get.

Anyone run a X12 motor with anything other than the 000/0000 insert?
Is it better to change the insert in the motor or change settings in the esc?