View Full Version : TRCC F1 Championship

08-05-2012, 09:01 PM
Saturday 12/05/2012 is round 5 of the TRCC F1 championship.
Hope to have a good turnout and everyone is welcome.
Rules for F1 are as per BRCA regarding motors, cells etc and points scored reflect those of the FIA F1 i.e. 25 for 1st, 18 for 2nd etc etc
Each round takes place on the saturday prior to an FIA F1 event therefore we have 20 rounds throughout the year but for TRCC F1 we count the best 14 meaning drivers can drop 6 scores.

Anyone who wishes to take part but may not be able to book in before 5-45pm can ring or text me their details on 07805901854.

Lets have a good turnout and some nice close exciting racing.

Maybe even a chance for some of the drivers from Round 1 of the BRCA series to try and get equal with our Drivers who went down to ardent and did the club proud, especially Peter Craig with an excellent 2nd place.

Thanks for reading,

Carole (Comp Sec & Race Director)