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24-09-2012, 09:13 AM
21th of october,is the 1st race of the winter championship,well we made track changes,and hopefully will runing a few different track layouts over the winter championship,so if you visted in the summer come back and see the impovements.also where be runing 1/10{electric} on the astro this winter for the 1st time,so dont put those buggys back in the cupboard yet,

Swindon R.C. car club{brca} astro turf meeting nitro and electric 1/8th Buggies,1/10th electric, gates open 9am practice 10am for nitro,electric soon as you booked in you can practise, try racing at a friendly club.We offer covered pits and work benches for you to work on your car for the meeting.

5 members, non members 8
2.50 under 16 members ,under 16 non members 4
transponder hire 5
membership 10 a year
under 16s 5.00 a year
Join now for the winter series and we wont charge any extra so you get October November and December free.

after 3 meetings you must be insured with the brca

Track location
Morden Recreation Ground,

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transponder hire,

are website,with calander and all the club details , http://www.swindonradiocontrolledmodelcarclub.co.uk/
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