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Chris Elworthy
24-09-2012, 02:41 PM
Hi Lads,

I'm interested in racing Mardaves at your club throughout the winter so am after a little information on your club regulations. I have an old Mardave from around 8 years ago with the solid rear axle that i plan to use, do you allow the use of the diff at club meetings?
As for power, i still have a silver can motor and a few brushed speedo's (a MTroniks Digi Sprint and a LRP V7.1) Will these speedos work well with a 1s Orion 5500 90c Lipo?
If allowed at the club and I was to change which brushless setup would you recommend? are there regulations on the price of these units as in the national series?
And finally, what upgrades to the original chassis would you recommend? the car is already ballraced but i understand i would need a Lipo battery box, is this a specific Mardave item or a customised 4 cell battery box?

Things appear to have moved on a lot in the last 6 years since I raced so apologies for the volume of questions. I just want as much information as possible so I can be fairly competitive from the off.

All help would be much appriciated.

Hopefully see you soon,


singin pete
24-09-2012, 05:22 PM
Hello Chris

It will be nice to see you back racing at Ribble. Yes the kit has changed quite a lot since you last raced.
We run Mardaves with 4 cells, diffs are ok as well as ball raced front axles you can run any esc you like but you must use a Mardave chassis. All the rules are on our website www.rvrccc.co.uk (http://www.rvrccc.co.uk)

Come down any Friday night and have a look around you will be more than welcome.

(Race Control)

Chris Elworthy
24-09-2012, 06:41 PM
Hi Pete,

Yes it is indeed me, older and theoretically wiser. You're new facility looks superb by the way.
So Lipo's are outlawed? That suits me I suppose. I've been racing a bit of off road recently but always loved Mardave racing so I'm looking forward to racing. So at club races we are to use silver can motors? No brushless?
Do the majority of the drivers use the differential?

Once again, apologies for the number of questions.


singin pete
24-09-2012, 07:44 PM
About half the drivers use a diff Chris, and yes we use the standard G2 tin can motor. We have just finished our Summer league so we will be having two fun nights from this Friday. On these nights a few lads use the Mardave brush-less system, you will have to ask them how they drive but looking at the lap times there is little or no difference in speed.
Bring what you have and have a go with it. (its free for your first night)


Chris Elworthy
24-09-2012, 09:25 PM
Brilliant, thanks Pete. Ive dusted the car down tonight do will get a set of tyres and be down in a few weeks as I'm away this weekend.

Thanks again for the info Pete, see you soon.