View Full Version : PX YOUR Lazer SP for MY Upgraded Durga

27-05-2008, 01:20 PM
If anyone has a REAL Lazer SP (not an upgrade) that they would be interested in swapping for my upgraded Tamiya Durga then please let me know.

My Durga has a slipper, TRF shocks, front UJs, one-way, roll bars, a few sets of worn tyres and a few spares. It is in excellent condition. Finished 5th in the C at the NERCR regional on Saturday with no breakdowns. Also finished 2nd in the C at the NERCR indoor regional a few months ago.

Your Lazer is also in excellent condition with all the standard parts intact, I am not bothered about the hop-ups/spares/tyres package.

Reason for considering a swap is that I never gave the Lazer a fair crack of the whip two years ago, and think it deserves a second chance now that there is actually some club buggy racing locally again.