03-10-2012, 07:26 PM
Well guys /gals the end of the summer series has come and now the start of the winter series so i thought i would give you some information about my summer series first season with the JQ and first time to ever run a buggy

After 14 years of me moving over to the buggy it has been very difficult,learing and sometimes hard and very stressful times i can assure you all it is not easy after 14 years of monster trucks and truggy racing;I have learnt new things every time i have been out with the car and learn how to understand things has been a challenge but enjoyable at the same time ;

There are a few important i have to thank as they have had a endless task to look after me and keep me going through the summer series ;

Dave Griffiths GB Modelsport
Lisa Bedow Podium RC

You both have been a sole inspiration to me through this season and without you guys i would not be where i am today i have pushed to you both to your limits i know that, but you have stood by even on my very low days and my high days.A big thankyou comes from the bottom of my heart for both being just you Your support has been next to none,your help and guidance has always been there for me and i hope this winter series i can show and give you something back

A few more people i would like to thank is members of the TEAM JQ for your help and support you have given me through the last 4 months whilst my leg has been shot after the accident you have all been superstars;

Steve Bellwood AKA BASHA
Pete Freeman (One day we will convert him)

Also all the chairmans,committee members and you the racers since i have attended since my leg accident you have been great and made sure my welfare and safety was always top priority when in attendance at your clubs well done to all involved this meant i could carry on with my racing even if needed help on/off the rostrum and sitting on a stool to race .

My whole experience with THE CAR this season has been a very good,enjoyable one , i feel that my driving is improving every time i go out and the confidence i am beginning to gain is great and what a feeling to be able to have.

The car itself is dialled for me at the moment but this has come with alot of time effort and doing things to the car to improve it for my standard of driving no different to any other rc the car is very stable and a pleasure to drive and again this has all been done as part of THE TEAM work not on your own .

My goal for the winter series is to give everything i have got to put back into my racing and make the car beter for myself and possibly share things with the team as this is what the whole thing is about TEAM work and i feel i cannot knock anybody as been a long season but been worth the endless hours of prep work, help guidance and gruelling times it has taken me to get a clear round in and very pleased of myself.

It was very sad for myself when i had to have time out whilst in plaster and felt this knocked me back again but all of you surely made me very welcome and soon kicked me up the a** when need it

To me this is what rc is all about and sometimes people need to take a step back and realize this i can honestly say i have had a blast this summer series and all i can say is bring on the winter series;

As you all know Dave Griffiths is going a bit thin on top well you all now the reason why jesus the poor bugger has had to put up with me for a whole summer series he will be ttally bald at end of winter but on the serious note