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19-10-2012, 07:16 AM
The Newbury Open Winter Championship is hosted by Newbury RC Club at our excellent venue which has a track area of 30m X 16m and is layed on Prima GT carpet with a total of two tape joins over the whole area. The pitting area is track side and has enough permanent wooden tables to provide space for 80 drivers. The pitting area is also heated to take the chill off the winter weather. 240v power is also provided but please bring your own extension cable.

The championship will be made up with 3 rounds with 2 of the rounds count towards the championship result.


Round 1: 25th November 2012
Round 2: 30th December 2012
Round 3: 27th January 2013

Classes available:

10.5 Brushless - open ESC's
13.5 Brushless - open ESC's
13.5 Brushless - Blinky mode ESC's

Pre-booking at Central Booking:http://www.centralbooking.org/cbs/index.php?option=com_cbs&task=cbs2events&opt=ve&eid=194

Any slick rubber with additive is permitted (Sorex 28R with the JB blue insert appears to have the upper hand on our carpet!)
Tyres must be dry before the car is placed on the track
Batteries - As set by the current BRCA standards for sub-c cells. All entrants using 6 cell sub-c size cells or a hard cased 7.4 LiPo. All cells or Lipo packs are to be commercially available. LiPo batteries must be charged to OEM standards and in Lipo sacks. All cars ready to be put on the grid will never have lipo’s with a voltage higher than 8.45V. Random checks will be conducted during the meeting at pitting stations and on the grids. Failure to comply with this rule will result in removal from the meeting and all remaining NOW rounds with no refund.
Motors - All motors must be commercially available and from the published BRCA list. No specials, no hybrids. BL motors in the open ESC classes can be sensored or sensorless. Blinky class, sensored only.
ESC's for the Blinky class must be from the relevant BRCA list and be run in the 'zero timing' mode at all times. Drivers must be prepared to demonstrate a correctly functioning 'zero timing' mode at any time.
Body Shells - Body shells to be touring car type (190mm)

Race Day Format:
4 rounds of qualifying followed by a two finals for all (FTD based quali selection to decide your finals position)
Entries on the day will be subject to availability
Entry Fee: £10 (entry via Centralbooking) £12.50 (entries on the day)

A full refund ( less admin fees ) can only be offered providing 1 full weeks notice has been given prior to its respective round.

Website: http://www.newburyrcclub.co.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/newburyrcclub
Follow us: http://twitter.com/newburyrcclub

26-01-2013, 10:37 PM
Just a reminder - Final round of Newbury Open Winter Series is tomorrow for 1/10 Electric Touring cars.

Doors open 7.30am.

More details in the original post.