View Full Version : EGM Update

11-11-2012, 04:36 PM
Right, the EGM, 3 items were up for the clubs attention.

1) Chairman has stepped down, this is something that people needed to know, plus various other positions that will NEED to be filled at the AGM, I am happy to stand in Dave's place currently, but the position WILL need to be filled.

2) Day to day club running, with the cost of the hall, we need to maximise the use of the time and space, so members were reminded that the hall is booked from 9am, we should be able to build a track and be running by 10am, and have 6-7 runs in a day if this is done.

3) Applying for a 10th Buggy National, the members who were there were asked if they would be willing to support the club running a national level event, the amount of work was explained and all were in agreement that this would be good for COBRA and the WRCA. Simon from the Hall Committee turned up, he would be happy, in principle, to us holding the event, but would only be interested in a Fiscal agreement, not for the hall to provide food etc. There is finding for drainage to be put in place in the field, and we could well see COBRA being allocated a dedicated area for a track to.

Thanks for those who managed to turn up!!