View Full Version : Lrp flow with. 13.5 1s lipo in superstox

21-12-2012, 08:58 PM
Right here goes
Changed it from a black diamond (which was version 3.0) to the flow,seemed ok to start with but over about 5 meetings during the run on all my lipo packs same motor etc gearing is correct mpr etc same as others.
The car just seems to loose punch,got fed up with it so put my black diamond back in,did not recharge them,car had punch and speed back...

So my question is anyone else have problems or know of people with them..

Chequered Flag Racing
21-12-2012, 10:55 PM
have you installed a booster or rx pack for 1s use?

instructions say you need one;)

22-12-2012, 01:43 AM
Yes booster is on,works fine as use it with black diamond

22-12-2012, 11:20 AM
Friend of mine is running the nosram speedos which are the same as the lrp, after running sxx v2 and v1 and has complained the speedos don't seem to be as good for him.apparantly they need to be updated straight from the box as the version that is programmed from the factory has already been changed many times already.
So maybe a good idea to check for version updates.

Chequered Flag Racing
22-12-2012, 12:33 PM
These esc's were used at Chesterfiled & Tamworth Nationals to win at least 3 out 4 A finals. Will ask someone to comment.

22-12-2012, 12:41 PM
Yes i have done the nationals with mine won 2 b finals finished 2nd in one and made an a final,it just seems to have been loosing punch gradually,hence i tried my bd which returned punch back.
I did do a reset which made no diffence.So i think flow has gone wrong somehow??

22-12-2012, 01:05 PM
Think you need to look else where ,or reprogram your Esc and reset to tranny,