View Full Version : LRP Blast BX - is it just for bashing?

15-01-2013, 12:29 PM
So as the title of this thread suggests, is the LRP Blast SX any good for club level racing or is it just a back garden basher? :confused:

The reason I ask is my main class is 2WD, and thats where my money goes! But from time to time it is nice to have a change, plus with my busy diary I can't always get to 2WD events, so it would be nice to have a cheap, reasonably reliable and fun to drive 4WD.

I had looked at Schumacher Cats, Losi and Associated - but I don't want to spend in excess of 100 (especially when I have the electrics already) for just the car, then some basic spares and need to get different tools (the case with the Losi and AE choices). :thumbdown:

So I'll stop beating around the bush and if someone could kindly answer my queries that would be great: :)

- Is the quality of the LRP plastics OK? Similar to Ansmann say?
- What wheel fitments are on the LRP, hex and what size? Pin?
- Common flaws if any?

That should do it, Oh and anyone has one they are thinking of getting rid of and would like a swap for a SC please PM me :thumbsup:

Thanks in advance :)

single cab
16-01-2013, 09:54 AM
LRP's 2wd Twister chassies are better than 4wd... İn the past they are very bad , now i heard it they were better . The SC has cloesed gear box cab but i dont know had it the BX too... They have 12mm hexes .

İ have buy a Twister Buggy kit. and it's ok also a good bashing buggy ;)

16-01-2013, 01:16 PM
Built to a cost and inevitably it shows in the quality of some of the plastics, hardware (screws etc) and metal parts. Given the price point it was never going to be on par with the best from Schumacher, Associated, Durango etc.

That said, if you're a careful driver who doesn't hit much it goes plenty well enough for club racing. Mine's gathering dust after just a few meetings, PM me if interested.