View Full Version : A1RC - Winter Indoor Racing - Grand Opening 23.01.13

17-01-2013, 01:17 PM

Good news for all members of A1-RC is that we are starting to race indoors again.

We have finally found a venue that we can use and will be starting up racing again on Wednesday 23rd of January 2013. We will then run on every wednesday night until the summer season starts.

Our new venue is at the Great Gonerby Social Club 8 High St, Grantham NG31 8JP

This venue is indoors in their function hall and is heated, well lit, integrated pa and has good ameneties such as off street parking and a bar (licencsed) serving drinks and small snacks. There are also pitting tables availble for all although we request that you bring something to cover the table with to protect them whilst in use ( an old towel). Mains power is also availble to charge your batteries.

Doors will open at 7:00pm and we request everyone who has arrived to help get the track laid out so that racing can commence as soon as possible.

The club has purchased 120 meter squared of brand new, unused prima felt GT to make the track area. We also have some new track markings which can be used to make multiple different track layouts.

Due to the size of the venue, there are only certain classes of racing that can be run. These will be the following:

1:10 scale touring cars (Limited to 13.5 or higher e.g 17.5, 21.5)
1:12 scale pan cars (Limited to 13.5 or higher e.g 17.5, 21.5)
M Chassis or FF Touring cars
Micro Buggies & Trucks
MiniZ sized cars

Please not that we will be running championships for all classes. Prizes will be given out at the end of a series to thos championships that have been well attended over the series and to those who have done enough rounds to qualify.

Racing format will be 3 qualifying rounds + 1 final for everyone. Practice will be availble at the start of the evening assuming that the track is laid out prior to racing commencement.

Obviously this is a new venue to us and we would like to be able to keep using the facilities in the future, so if you do choose to come and race with us then we request that you follow a few simple guide lines:

Only food and drink purchased at the venue can be consumed on site
A towel or some sort of covering for the pit tables (No towel no table!)
Lipo batteries must be charged in a Lipo sack or suitable container
You have a valid BRCA Licensce (Forms are availiable on this forum)
For power please bring an extension cable
If using a 12volt battery to charge from please make sure it is in a suitable container to protect the venue floor.
Cars can only be driven on the track area and not in the pits.
Travel light ( Pitting space is limited so if you don't need to bring it with you, leave it at home :D)

We would like to request that if you are planning on racing at the club on a wednesday That you pre-book. That way we can get you into the system and you will just need to pay on arrival. We will have a thread in this forum for you to enter your details in for each week. Other pre-booking options will be availiable soon.

We look forward to seeing you racing at A1-RC :thumbsup: