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13-04-2013, 10:07 AM
Hey guys (and gals)

Just wanted to say what a great night's racing it was last night. (hence the title)

I'm loving the camaraderie of the growing band of 'exracers giving it another go' and the help from some of the senior guys and enthusiastic young guns.

There also seemed to be far less crashes and lots of people beating their person bests.
Particular shout out to Chris, Matt, Callum and Brad (who managed to win every race he was in)
Also thanks to Peter for his explaination on transponders, including diagrams :)

Keep it up!!!


13-04-2013, 11:08 AM
was a good night last night Nice and chilled just how we like it I ran the X6 for the first time at ribble in the final and got a good thrashing off young Callum anouther youngster getting up there in the A final well done young man I think you got 4th. We might not be there for the next few weeks so catch you all soon:D

13-04-2013, 03:07 PM
Does seem to be more people coming back to the sport after many years. Callum is a good driver although he seemed a bit terrified by the power of my yokomo. (only joking callum).
It's great to see such a mixture of people, ages and ability. I did like the meeting on the carpark after, getting the last fix of radio control for the week.

13-04-2013, 09:39 PM
Agree with the previous posts, good fun night, not breaking something also helped. This despite the fact that i gave it a good smack once or twice. Had quite a few good battles with Callum also, whilst i was quicker, i am running 4wd. There was more than one occaision where he was keeping up very well so very good set up and driving:thumbsup:

Second week on foams and two things appear to be happening, the tyres are bedding in nicely and i am getting the hang of them.

Always great to see new faces at the club and better still when they seem to have enjoyed it a lot.

Should be there next week, so see you all then.

14-04-2013, 06:33 PM
Nice one Mr Slow I think we all enjoyed the night - the Bolton Buggy Club veterans all ran well I even got my 14 laps in & should have had 15 in the final ( ah well win some loose some).

Think I've got the hang of it enough to get some foams now and run the car on the floor like the rest - shod get me into 16 laps then. So which are best to get kamtec ones?

14-04-2013, 06:51 PM
I am using ufra 34 shore all round from Kamtec as they come double width so one pair for 16 which does all four wheels fully. Alot of others are running contact donuts in shore between 40 and 35 which come as single pairs and leave a small gap from the edges of the rear wheels. I personally looked for the softest I could get.
I can't say there is any issue with ny foams, but the top drivers may be able to give better guidance on the subject.
I think once u start adding additive the shore rating is not as crucial. The wear rate seems fine anyway.
I think one thing to realise is as Andy has experienced swapping to foams takes a couple of weeks to get use too and allow them to bed in to but the pain is worth it.
I am getting to the point of needing some more additive and have no idea what to go for.
I have now managed the 15 laps so 16 is my next target but think it may take a while!

15-04-2013, 08:03 PM
Well that's the wheels ordered and a new mid belt (stretched when Marshal stood on car) just need to decide on the foams and additive - is it still TQ modified?