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04-06-2013, 02:22 PM
I'm not sure this is common knowledge yet but I've hearing that Keith Wardle is retiring from being the rep for mid south BRCA. I've had a look thru' the BRCA handbook and I know positions like the BRCA Sec, Chairperson and Treasurer (etc) are voted in at the BRCA agm, but I can't see anything related to how regional reps are chosen? I know Keith is quite connected with Stotfold but I wonder, purely from a 'drivers' perspective, if the mid south rep was someone not connected with any of the specific clubs in the region so we can always maintain the 'best' for the region and not let interclub politics get in the way? Or at least reside over any interclub disputes in an impartial manner without any conflict of interest? Maybe I'm being a bit simple, but if you look at the recent 'turmoil' at the last 2wd round, maybe if we had a 'driver based' rep that some of these 'misunderstandings' could have been minimised, who knows? But at least maybe have helped take some of the pressures/strains off the race directors..?

This is not in any way a 'dig' at Keith, I've never met him and I have heard that he does/ has done a great job, looking at the mid south area since I restarted club racing a few years ago now. I am just posting an open question on the forum, because I don't know the answer myself.

Is there a method to put somebody forward for the role? Do the drivers get a vote etc?



04-06-2013, 03:08 PM
It's normally a job no one wants to do, and over the last few years has been shared between Keith Wardle and Darren Boyle. Where Keith has took the front role Darren has done a great job behind the scenes and took charge when Keith hasn't been available at meetings.
As far as I am aware there are two people interested in the position, so we will have to see the final outcome.

It isn't a role that someone can just take on, although help is always available. You do need a good understanding of how things need to work. We have a great region, also our region is top when it comes to numbers. Sadly we do fail with the end of season meetings as drivers don't attend. But the future should be bright... On a sad note, after the weekend it looks like we may have lost one venue (reading some comments)!!

Forums should be informative, not used for hiding behind screens and abusing people/clubs etc.

04-06-2013, 03:25 PM
Hi John,
Thanks for the input! Please don't think I was putting myself forward for the role, I know I'm way too inexperienced, 'unknown' and too much of a 'noobie', but I was just wondering 'how' the process went about chosing the next rep, and whether anything could be 'tweaked' for the better of everyone in the region with the election of the new rep?

I have nothing to add with regard to the aforementioned turmoil, as I wasn't there.. I just wonder if an impartial BRCA rep was present, then things wouldn't have got 'quite' so bad.. And maybe even 'helped' the race director, who sounds like he got very stressed during the day, which isn't what we're here for afterall is it. Like I said above, this is pure speculation on my part, but I do wonder if the rep was present at all the rounds and 'impartial' that could lead to calmer waters in the future..?

I completely understand its a bit of a poisoned challace and if there are people in the line for the role. Should/can this be made public? -maybe if the BRCA members of the region were involved a bit more it would help everyone pull together...?


04-06-2013, 04:56 PM
Hi Mark,

I didn't mean to sound like I was putting you down/off. Just making it aware for anyone who may look.
What went on at the weekend is probably nothing more than any normal meeting. We must not forget that the guy in charge has more experience than most, what has happened since the weekend is down to issues being highlighted on an open forum. I for one wasn't there at the weekend, but having spoken to some who were, it sounds like a normal meeting!! What does need to happen in my personal view...

We go back to using tracks that are within the national rules, bring in referee's and start penalising for poor driving/marshalling standards. Clamp down on foul and abusive language. Start educating the youngsters now and they will learn, that's how it was in the 90's.

But as I say that's my view... And for the lack of the above its one reason why I don't really bother with regionals.

But I wish the new rep all the best and hope it works well for the mid south.

04-06-2013, 05:18 PM
Hi john out of interest how does someone go about putting them self forward for the position obviously experience and all that. Is It a case of contacting the brca or what?

04-06-2013, 05:29 PM
I would say send an email to Keith Wardle.

Darren Boyle
04-06-2013, 05:43 PM
Ignoring the witch hunt that appears to be running, there actually was very few incidents on the day, as John says, no more than any other average meeting and certainly not a meeting in Turmoil of any sort.

Track wise we had one jump which needed looking at with a minor issue after practice (which we did) and the issue with cars crashing at the end of the straight into Jay and Glenn pit area which also got addressed. Yes people did not all like the layout (too flat for some and too much slippy for others) and some got the hump simply since they underperformed on a VERY competitive day but it was a level playing field that 80% enjoyed from the off, with the fast and flowing layout that most of the remaining 20% got to grips with by the end of the day too.

Yes we had an issue with a driver in a lower final where the dad felt he has hard done by and not treated equally, the issue itself was nothing more than any other race incident in any final, at any race, at any venue, it only became an issue in how it was publicised and we did have two or three incidents of bad language that I was told about but did not witness and therefore could not punish, if I had of heard them in person they would have been dealt with. Four drivers on the day received either a 10 second penalty or stop go for driving incidents/track cuts but again, no more than if anything less than average.

By the comments emailed, pm'd, called through on the phone or in person, the very vast majority really enjoyed the meeting as normal, as I said in the "other" thread it is the small minority that ruin things, but I was not "very stressed" so much with the day itself, more when I came home to the rubbish I have seen on the forums here and facebook since, 99% of which was unjust and factually incorrect, we (as a club) were also let down BADLY by the large majority of many of our own club members who sloped off home without helping pack away in any way shape or form and I am as upset and disappointed with them as any other issue, which is what I have written in "t'other" thread...........

So...... back to regional rep, as I hear it, Keith has received two possible applications from experienced candidates to date, with years of experience and come the time I am sure there may be more who can be decided upon by the clubs within the region as per all those prior to Keith, I have been asked myself to consider the role outright too and for now that will stay in the background also.

To be clear, it is almost impossible to find a rep who is not connected to one club or another either directly or indirect, since most people come form the hobby and indeed if they are passionate about it (which they need to be for that role) generally they have got involved with the club most local to them, but Keith as per all before him has always provided a very unbiased and level headed opinion on all matters he has been presented with and always does the best for the region and sport as a whole, once more as have his predeccesors, so any bias or anything is out of the question...

To explain as well, Keith does not the rules, the BRCA does, they are voted in by the membership, Keith simply co-ordinates things and ensures that we (the clubs) tow the line and do things as we should, but he does not pull the strings so to speak, that is done by the BRCA /10th commitee) of which the regional rep becomes part of)

Regards Johns points of view etc about tracks, I could not agree more!!

04-06-2013, 10:12 PM
Dear Darren,
Please also don't think this was a dig at you either.. I'm in no part of any "witch hunt". My use of the term 'turmoil' was probably out of context, as I said before I wasn't there so can't comment. I could have used the term storm in a tea cup, but I am REALLY not trying to alienate people (anyone) here!

I've also read that the meeting was run very well and again I am not having a go here (!). Please don't take offence at this, but from an outsiders view, you 'appeared' to be stressed in how you responded to the 'criticism' and again I stress, I'm not trying to add to this, we all do this for fun and a hobby pastime, its not life or death.

I understand the difficulty in finding the 'impartial' person due to the circumstances and passion involved. However, again (perhaps niavely) could/should this be something to aim for? Could it be possible to open it (the discussion and choice) out from 'only' the clubs decision to all the mid south BRCA members? Or am I just talking 'moon on a stick' scenario..?

For me this was an honest, open forum question as to what happens now..? and whether 'we' as group can do anything to make everyone in the region feel more involved for the benefit for everyone.



04-06-2013, 10:29 PM
Oh and John (Spenner)
No offence taken at all on my part... 'back in the day' (late 70's early 80's) I used to run the local school club we started up...

Thus I know 'a bit' about how to do it, but like I said, I have no aspirations or pretense with regard to the mid south position! I'm happy to help out at my local track..

I do think we have a great competative area and am seriously considering dipping my toe in the regional arena/field next year... I guess I'm just floating the idea out there (if at all possible) the process can be made more inclusive for everyone, for the benefit of everyone...

Good night..