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13-06-2013, 06:31 PM
Any chance we could see some results from the series so far please??

Mark Field
13-06-2013, 09:11 PM
Good shout Dan, while on the subject of results; I had a quick look on the BRCA website under the rules section for 2013 BRCA sanctioned championships.

I thought I would post a copy of the scoring section (rule 18) below to save anyone looking them up. It should save any arguments with point’s tables. J

BRCA Sanctioned Championships will use the following method of scoring.
18.1 Only BRCA members are allowed to score points in Sanctioned Championships.
18.2 Points will be awarded on finishing positions in finals. The winner of the A Final will receive 130 points, second 129 points and so on down to 130th place and beyond who will receive 1 point. At National and Regional Sanctioned events the driver who achieves TQ will be awarded one extra point to be added to his/her points for that meeting.
18.3 The A Final will consist of three individual ‘legs’, with points from the best two of three legs to count towards the result. The winner of any leg of an ‘A’ Final scores 1 point, continuing down to tenth who shall
score 10 points. (No result in any leg gives 10 points). The ‘A’ finalist with the lowest number of points will be the winner of the event. In the case of a tie, then this will be decided by reference only to the two leg scores that counted. Firstly, by comparing the best single points scores, and then if still a tie the laps and times of each competitor’s best points score will decide.