View Full Version : Charity Meeting for Stroke Organisations

28-08-2013, 10:37 AM
Hi Everyone,
I posted way back earlier in the year in April I had been a Stroke surviver for 14 years, And I would like to give something back to the volentary organisations that help Stroke victims
There was a overwelming amount of interest shown when I said I would run a Charity Race Meeting at Coseley School, in the Sports Hall on the Sunday 22nd August 3013.
I have since then damaged my right shoulder,( the only one I can use) a MRI scan revealled a severley torn Tendon, and the specialist tells me he will repair it on August 29th and that I must not try to do anything with it for 6 weeks. It will be strapped up.
With this leaving me incapasitated I will not be able to attend a race meeting.
I have informed the School of this and hopefully we can get a new date the soonest
Kind Regards to you All
Roy Kirton