View Full Version : problem setting up Naza M Lite with Turnigy 9x Radio - RX-ERROR

06-09-2013, 05:11 PM
Just got my naza M lite and installed all the hardware this afternoon. When I load up the naza assistant software I'm getting a RX-ERROR flashing red. Checked all the servo plugs at both the receiver and FC end. made sure in the calibration screen that I was on PPM, I was getting some stick movement feedback from the software but then it stopped. I installed the latest software from dji.com and done a firmware update, although it is still telling my that the firmware and software are v1.0. the firmware upgrade seemed to work ok, all points were green.

Just cant seem to get the RX talking to the radio via the software. The USB driver is working on windows 7 as it should, the LED shows solid green when I plug the USB in, and I get the usual USB dong sound when connected.

Its just a standard box stock turnigy 9x with 9x8c receiver, I have tried it on both traditional and PPM without success.

Wonder if any multirotor gurus on here might be able to advise me.


08-09-2013, 10:02 AM
Where abouts are you. Probably best to meet up with someone local and try there tx and rx.

If your anywhere near Manchester you can try mine and also a kk2 to hopefully fault find and diagnose.


14-09-2013, 07:25 AM
Did you get the Naza sorted and up and running ok?

After reading the HUGE Naza Flyaway thraad on RC Groups I'm scared of buying / setting one up - still on the fence re flight controller for my 550 as I'll be flying a brushless gimbal and Go Pro Black - so a 20 KK controller seems inadequate !

14-09-2013, 10:06 AM
Sorry I've missed this thread. Raymond, did you sort this?
Did you have your rx wired up correctly, and tx in correct mode. There are lots of videos on YouTube showing how to set the turnigy radios up with naza. Watch a few then it makes sense.

Andy, I'm of the opinion the naza flyaways are user or setup error.

14-09-2013, 10:30 AM
Hi Neil.

Yeah I managed to sort the problem out, I think it was something to do with the DJI drivers. I am running windows 7 on a mac in VMware, but after much messing about I managed to get everything calibrated and setup.

Naza is fantastic, I had only ever flown in manual mode and was struggling a bit to get to grips with the controls, having assistance now with Atti and GPS mode has helped a great deal, dunno how it manages to auto level and works so stable, fantastic piece of kit even if you do pay a bit more than the others on the market.

I've caught the multirotor bug big time now, I'm starting to think about my next project of maybe a Tarot Hex with gimbal and another naza setup.



PS: Your last video at Batley was brilliant, enjoyed seeing the fixed wing and the other quad flying around.

14-09-2013, 11:39 AM
Cheers. The other quad was Andy's, actually he was flying two, the 450 and 330.

Just make sure you regularly check the IMU calibration, and certainly do it after any impact. Set it level and run the naza IMU calibration software. I think not doing this is the problem people are having with naza flyaways.

I'm just waiting on my new motors for the discovery, and I'm building a 330 sized kk2 with bits on the slow boat from China.