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Teddy truman
01-09-2008, 09:41 AM
How it’s going to work:

You download the oople GRC version of generally (you will need to save it to your computer. Once it’s downloaded the file you will need to unzip it, remember where it unzips to.). Now you click on the oopleGRC unzipped folder, inside should be an icon in shape of a little car. Click that and away you go. This will include week1s track and the car to use. Every Friday there is going to be a new track to download. The season will last 10 weeks along as all goes well.

Controls, resolution and car colour can be changed but no other settings can. This is a rule.

Please create a new driver and name it as your Nickname e.g. TeddyB.. you dont have to but helps me out if you could.

Should all be set. ( so please don’t change)

Anyone who is caught with settings changed or cars changed (other than colours) will be DQ from that week or even from the season. Don’t try cheat as it makes this no fun.
All runs have to be played on the OGRC version of generally.
ALSO if anyone is caught track cutting or jumping between checkpoints... track cutting being all 4 wheels off the racing track and gaining a advantage... they will lose the time for that week... caught twice and you will be removed from the season...

How to add new track – Find where you unzipped your generally folder to and click on it. You will then have a folder called tracks…. save the track into this folder and it will then be available in game.

Once you have got this you can start racing.

Results will be determined on your best 5 lap run.

There will be two championships, drivers and teams.

Max 30 players – 15 teams (2 per team)

Points system:
Fastest lap on your qual 5 lap run – 1 point

It will be your best 6 results out of the 10 to count.

The time is not all your five best laps.. it is the time of the run you save and send me.

How you submit your results.

Step one.
Once you have finished your best 5 lap run before you exit back to your game menu, you will need to press esc when the lap times come up at the end of your run. (Only press it once). There should be a menu come up with the option to save. Click on save and name it as your racer name followed by what race week it is. E.g. ooplemanweek1.

Step two
Find your OGRC generally folder, open it up and go into the folder named saves. In this folder you should find your saved file.

Once you have found this file, you will need to send an email with the file attached. Send to email address losiboy@hotmail.com. .

The weeks track will be released on the Friday for download then you must have submitted your time before 8pm on the Thursday of the next week. Only one result can be sent per week per person, so make sure its the right one.

Good luck

The oople version of the game will be on here to D/L when we start the season..

pre season Warm up!
Im going to make the oople version of Generally for pre season testing, to make sure there is no bugs.
D/L it here : http://cid-f81e405629b6056f.skydrive...ublic/OGRC.zip (http://cid-f81e405629b6056f.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/OGRC.zip)
get your name down and Submit your pre season time before 8PM on the 4TH september.