View Full Version : Maiden proper flight of the 330 today

02-10-2013, 04:59 PM
Well just an update and to let you guys know I had a proper flight of the 330 today rather than just hovering in the living room and garden lol.

Its about time as I now actually own a 330, 450 and a 550 and iv not flown one in anger. For those that dont know its all andys fault lol.

Well the kk2 version is 1.2 with auto level off. Iv since also bought a kk2 with 1.6++ which will be used as I need to re flash the 1.2 but dont own a module or usb. I thought sod it and try and fly it regardless.

As mentioned iv hovered the 330 around the garden and give a quick 2 sec full blast lift and it does shift. Today was a day free from work so off to the park with only a slight wind. Bearing in mind self level was off so it is fully manual I didn't do to bad just a couple of light crashes at low speed where I had killed the power close to the ground to minimise any damage. These were really light crashes with the quad at 45 degree angles whereby I had corrected full speed turns and over compensated too much. This quad flies.

After 5 mins flying I decided to call it a day on 1 battery as iv not received my lipo alarm yet. After inspecting the quad a couple of props have slight nicks in them and iv noticed if i give it full beans vertically thequad now pulls to the right. So some new props on order now methinks.

Can I ask though where do you guys grt your prop balancers from.

On a side note I love it. Next to fly will be the 450 as i have the rtf version from andy, iv got the kk2 allready I jusy need to order a lipo of bigger capacity as the 2200 3s might be too small . Or I could be really silly and covert it to a tbs he he.

550 has the naza m litr installed with gps but id propbably get some landing gear and a gimbal ready for that. Iv tested it with the props off using the softwear but I need some help with regards to programming the switches on the 9xr.

Any advice guys?