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03-10-2013, 11:01 PM
Its the time of your to get ready for the 1/12th scale Southern Oval Series aka SOS. This series suns between October and March and is made up of 6 or 7 venues hosting the Hotrod, Saloon and Mini formulas from the 1/12th oval section of the BRCA.

SOS has been running for 5 years now and has grown in strength year on year. This year we aim to continue the trend despite starting a little later and with the growing interest in GT12 section. With GT12 in mind, we have aimed to avoid clashes with this section to ensure racers have a good choice of races within the winter months.

This year we are working with clubs from Hampshire to East Anglia (yes I now its North of the M25) to ensure a good variety of tracks and cover as big an area as possible but without needing too much travel for a days racing.

More details will follow with dates and rules being made available real soon.

Any questions then please do not hesitate to PM me.

08-10-2013, 11:25 PM
So, after much discussion and much puzzling over the best dates to use for the 2013/14 SOS rounds, I am delighted to advise the finalised dates as they stand. The dates will stand and it only remains to have two places confirmed. These discusssions are on-going so please rest assured that you will get the details.
My aim has been to ensure that we have two rounds before the end of the year.

Rd 1 - Bognor - 27th October
Rd 2 - Solent - 10th November
Rd 3 - TBC - 5th January
Rd 4 - Solent - 2nd February
Rd 5 - Wycombe - 2nd March
Rd 6 - Southampton - 30th March

Full details of the rules and race day time table will be provided in full, below is an initial overview of what you can expect -

Rules are to be based on BRCA rules, there will be some tweaks n motor cost limit and a couple of other areas but the rules will primarily be based on BRCA to keep things simple.

A timetable for each round will be provided, in most cases we will have doors open 08:00 and drivers briefing at 09:00 then going straight into combined practice (15 minutes for each formula).

Heat and final sizes will be based on track conditions. This will be agreed between SOS organisors and the local track officials. These details will be published before the event.

Bump up's will be used for lower finals with either 2 or 3 drivers progressing to the next final. Again exact numbers will be agreed.

At each event the SOS organisors and local track officials will combine to offer a ticket based raffle with great prizes on offer.

Trophies will be provided for the top three in the A final. These will be unique to the SOS series and as never seen before in Oval racing.

10-10-2013, 10:26 PM
We only have one date left to be confirmed so now is the time to start getting your entries in. All entries must be made via the RC race control website www.rcracecontrol.com (http://www.rcracecontrol.com/)

This is the site used for all past SOS championships and does make it easier for managing your entries. If you do experience any difficulties then please email me on couzens@techie.com

I will be creating events here in FB for each round and will provide the entry list. So please start spreading the word and get the racers at your club to put in for the races that they can do.

More details will follow on race day details once I have spoken with ll the venue reps.

Again, thanks for the support that has been shown thus far and look forward to seeing you all at a round of this years Southern Oval Series.....

The management