View Full Version : The Mendip straight.

13-01-2014, 04:54 PM
Hi There.

Does anyone know what length the on road straight is at Mendip.


13-01-2014, 05:46 PM
Good question....


By my very crude measurements on googlemaps...about 50m give or take a few :woot:

And that doesn't include any of the run up or run off for the corners at either end...def be interesting to measure it out for real though and see.

Keep an eye for a speed trap at one of our events this year though ;)

13-01-2014, 09:13 PM
Cheers Andy.

Trying to work out the gearing as it's about twice the length of Tivvy.

As for the speed trap, I hope you're not planning on handing out speeding tickets...LoL.:o

13-01-2014, 09:52 PM
The way the cars were boosting down the straight on Sunday I can't wait to give mine a run this coming sunday :thumbsup:

14-01-2014, 09:17 AM
Really surprised with how quickly a 13.5 boosted shifted down that long straight! Rapid!