View Full Version : Multi wii

27-01-2014, 10:39 AM
Anyone here using multi wii flight controlers?

27-01-2014, 08:27 PM
I have one, although I've never flown it. TBH I'm not sure I ever will either - it's a very steep learning curve with programming knowledge required, although the gui is quite cool.
With the new KK2.1 NOW released and decent firmware available for it I'm not entirely sure the multi wii offers anything extra.

29-01-2014, 12:41 PM
I think the main advantage for the lower end user is that it has gps and a barometer so can do gps hold, return to home and maybe waypoints but i've not figured out if they've made that work yet after that you can change or add all sorts of random inc sonar for better low hight detection, even used to switch on landing lights

in theory it should be quite easy to program most of what you need is all written, you just make the lines that you need active, for a basic quad pick quad X pick your speedcontrol minimum speed and tell it what board your using.

i got 2.0 working really easily and flying as well as my kk2.0 did in no time, and with bluetooth and android i can change pid and other settings from my phone, almost easier than the kk2.0

i've had some issues getting 2.3 to work. the connection speed in the code written by someone for my board and gps combo was wrong so i couldn't get the gui to work, then it wanted to spin on the spot, yaw direction setting changed and it's working now hoping for first flight tomorrow rather than a quick hop in the dining room

its also got gimble stuff written in so i'll be able to give that a go too once i get it flying and add my fpv stuff