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27-01-2014, 07:30 PM
Hi all

I just got a old associated b4 buggy to race round our local track in the woods which me and a few mates built and its my first decent rc buggy,i always loved the old school tamiya cars and also had alot of decent nitro and petrol cars.

But recently i have been wanting to step up a couple of classes in car style so decided to go for a older but good quality buggy and purchased the b4 as it was cheap and still has spares available plus i didnt want to wax loads of money on a new 2wd buggy not knowing if i would like them.Turns out i realy like them and my mates are going to buying the b4.2 rtr buggys so now we are looking at getting into racing together.

First up i just have a brushed set up in mine with a reedy 19t motor,mtronics viper max esc,digi servo and x4 3300mah nimh batts,is this going to be ok for the track?what i am trying to say is that am i going to have to go out and buy brushless system and lipos?

And do we have to join some sort of club membership or can we turn up pay and enjoy using our cars on a proper track?

What we are looking for is a proper track to take our cars and meet up with lke minded folks.

27-01-2014, 08:12 PM
Hi Mike,

Good to see you're interested in coming to our track. There is no problem with you using your current electrics and they will be fine for the track, you don't have to go out and buy brushless motor and speedo and a lipo but I do have to say that I would recommend it as its just so simple and reliable. You'll never really have to service your brushless motors, lipo batteries have superb capacity and power. You will need a lipo suitable charger remember.

You don't need to join the club as a member, you're welcome to turn up and race - however I would have to ask that after your third visit (or before) that you become a BRCA member for insurance reasons, this will also cover you if you drive into someone at the club and injure them. You can join the BRCA at brca.org.

We run club nights every wednesday form around 5pm to 9pm, the track is open with an automatic timing system which will announce your lap time every time you circulate. It's 5. The track is also open all year round by arrangement with myself for practice. The wednesday night sessions will resume in march, currently its dark at 5pm so not practical.