View Full Version : WORK PARTY THIS WEEKEND, we need your help Please!

19-02-2014, 07:47 PM

We need your help for some maintenance at the track, to help us prepare for the first few big national events on our calender, and the continued improvement of the facilities for all the club racing and members use for practice in between, so hopefully you will understand the benefits and be willing to lend a hand!

Jobs to do this weekend as follows:

Weeding & rubbish removal across whole site. Both tracks, car parks and pits.
Preparing surfaces for painting, including pits, onroad rostrum, and onroad track kerbs.

Tools to bring along if you have them:

Paint scrapers
Wire brushes
Sand paper (medium/coarse)
Gardening gloves & tools for weeding

We are starting at 10am this Saturday. Please let us know if you can help and which days. Everyones help is needed if we are to get things up and running for the Nationals.

Please note the TRACK will be CLOSED this weekend to practice as we have to get on with the work.

19-02-2014, 08:13 PM
We also have a small 12m post and rail fence to put up cos a tree trunk fell on the last one !!

So if anyone wanting to help can also bring along a spade to help dig holes would be useful :thumbsup:

20-02-2014, 04:04 PM
Weather not looking so good for Sunday so can EVERYONE please make an effort to help on Saturday it would be appreciated if we can make a concerted effort on the tasks on hand!