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27-02-2014, 11:07 PM
Updated rules for use of LiPo sacks - please read
Following changes to the way people are using their LiPos, the BRCA Electric Board have issued the following guidance, and a change to General Rule 4. This means that the new rule applies immediately to all Electric Sections.

To ALL BRCA Electric Sections, 27.02.14.

Recent communications received have indicated that some competitors are discharging LiPo batteries using a high discharge current between races.
Whilst most of the current batteries are stated to have a 'C' rating that will accommodate this practice, we have to consider that a chemical change is taking place within the battery and of course we cannot rely on the often 'inflated' figures seen on Lipo labels.

If a LiPo flames whilst it is being discharged during a race, then it is unlikely to hurt anything other than the track surface.
If it happens whilst discharging on a pit-table, then the safety concerns take on an entirely different perspective.

Therefore in the interest of safety, BRCA General Rule 4 will be updated to require that :-

"All LiPo/LiFe drive batteries must be in a 'closed' LiPo sack when being charged or discharged. This applies to any discharging procedures, except during a race or when using organiser supplied resistors to correct voltage".

This procedure applies with immediate effect.

As General Rules apply to all Sections, this amendment must be enforced in all Electric Sections.

Best regards,
Paul Worsley. (Secretary, BRCA Electric Board).