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08-03-2014, 09:28 AM
As always a good nights racing down at Ribble.

Ben enjoyed himself and did pretty well. All he needs is an empty track with no other cars and he has cracked it:-)

Debating whether I should start to speed his car up. I've always deliberately slowed his car down until he can handle it and then gradually increase its speed. I think this has worked really well as he almost doesn't crash at all when clear of traffic.

I see quite a lot of cars in the lower heats that are hugely fast, but in reality way too fast for the drivers to handle. So they end up torpedoing other cars, or into the barriers a lot and breaking. I don't want that to be Ben, hence I am hesitating to give him more power.

As for me, haven't really touched the Rango's set up since I built and wanted to get used to the new car. Think I have hit ceiling and am still too far off the pace of the very top guys. The car is a bit of a handful and I'm struggling to get any kind of consistency. Wonder of its too softly sprung. I think it really needs an anti-roll bar, but these are über-expensive.

I had a ball joint come off in the final, which ruined it. But can't complain too much as it wouldn't have come off if I hadn't clattered the barrier.

How did anyone else get on?

The Bod
08-03-2014, 11:09 AM
A great night as always at Ribble.

I have taken the same 'go slow at first' approach with Oliver and it is working. He is handling the B4 so much better and was demonstrated with his first win in a final (well chuffed).

My saga still continues. First round was a non-starter due to a school boy error - wiring motor up wrong at midnight on Thursday, hence no forward power. After a quick resolder using Ian's super hot gas soldering iron (thanks again) I was on the start for Round 2. This started well and managed to squeeze in a 13 lapper, with my rear end still slipping about. Round 3 started ok until being taken out on the straight and ending up in the wall (thanks Harry :-)) resulting in my receiver in bits, ending my race. During these 3 laps I used a set of rear foams that Matthew Kettle is trialling from Schumacher. They seemed to stop the rear end slides and were working well.

Anyway, managed to start P6 in the C Final. A great race and managed a 3rd with 15 laps. Car felt great and was solid to the track. Think the foams worked excellently, giving continuous grip throughout the 4 minutes. Just need to purchase some now when commercially available. All in all, a fun night with smiles in the car home. Well done RVRCCC :thumbsup:

08-03-2014, 05:14 PM
I had a great night too, although I poled the b, so just missing the a again. I was happy as the car is improving and I feel my driving is getting better. Not sure how I managed to destroy the diff internals so will be investigating that. I was continuing to try the foams (which is supposed to be secret about the manufacture :lol:), was on the hard compound which are good, but I do prefer the softs for sure.
It seemed a nice relaxed evening an I think there seemed to be less carnage this week.

With your car Andy I think you have just got to go for what you think, I spent along time changing the setup on the yokomo and it's starting to pay off. I went from one extreme of setup to the other so I could really feel the difference and it taught me alot about how the car respondes to setup changes, then that allowed me to do the right bits for the fine tune. What I mean is one week I ran really heavy oil in the shocks, the next really light, then I knew what sort of weight I needed. Then next week I tried changing shock positions, then next week after changing camber link lengths etc.. It's a slow process, but I learnt alot and now know what to change for the fine tune.

08-03-2014, 07:00 PM
Cheers Matt.

Oh one other thing. My body feels like I went to the gym yesterday.

I think I stretched things I don't normally stretch, marshalling this weeks novice heat and final all night!!!