View Full Version : Week 6 running..

Teddy truman
10-10-2008, 07:02 AM
Track is up for week 6.....

sorry about lack of results i will get them sorted asap as i have been very busy:)

10-10-2008, 12:16 PM
37.86 sec is my quickest so far on first few goes ??? what are others getting!!
Really like this track.

10-10-2008, 01:23 PM
I think in testing I got down to about a 37.5, I did a quick run there and came off with a 38.18 as the fastest.

Adam Skelding
10-10-2008, 04:38 PM
36.85 on go 3.
Ace Track....:thumbsup:

10-10-2008, 09:16 PM
got a 37.72 on the 1st go.......