View Full Version : Round 1 of NDOR's Hot Bodies Summer series 20th April

05-04-2014, 07:32 AM
Round 1 of the Hot Bodies Summer Series starts on 20th April

We will be on with 8th Electric, so get them batteries charged up so you can come and have some practice with them electrics before the TMSC and Nitro lads lets have you back here again on the Sunday then we can go over to watch the Finals at the NEO 14 on Monday http://www.oople.com/forums/ fKj/FAAAAqFBMVEUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAcF QMAAAAZEwMXEQNqUQ4nHgU6LQhiSw02KgciGgQzJwcEBwcTEgg jHgozKgw/MQhCNg5PPQpSQg9fSQ1iTRFxWRN/YhGBZRWPbhORcRafehWgfRivhhiwiBq/kxrAlBzPnxzPoB3fqx7frB/fwXHvtyDvuCHv1Y7/xCP/1mf/3YP/6Kz/9+P/+/H////zyLgVAAAAFHRSTlMADx8vP19vf4+Pn5+vv8/Pz9/v72zm8/4AAAC3SURBVBjTLY3bQoJQAMBGHtOytCIhiwQROYaErev//1kPusftYRAIAljBj4JrgQQOWlKrPD0u5zB6VyMEq6ZvFczVTCB VHwAIAYDFlzqD2fenamBr09WVC+JKtSop2qO23RXB6iXfD8Bl1 N0YAMZ3mxhjeT8BIEk//n498TaFpNAmy7o+X9Z6uCZEm3O314Kwa7P9WbyuvIWbwXXeq+2 ycxuASTHY11VzdChGp+3FNC3K5/kkAf4BuTgdIjFBau4AAAAASUVORK5CYII=

Saturdays will be practice with the timing gear running. Gates open at 10am.

Camping will be available with showers no charge.


Gates open at 7am.

Booking in from 7:30 to 8:30,

Drivers briefing 8:45,

First heat on the track at 9:00,

1 round of timed practice

3 rounds of heats then into finals.

Booking in can be found HERE (http://www.ndor.co.uk/entryform.html)

Hope to see you soon