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19-04-2014, 03:00 PM
Hello the flying gang!

Recently I bought a Hubsan quad copter for abit of a mess around. For 40 with a blade protector all RTF it is a bargain! I've fell in love with flying it, as much as it is a toy, from what ive read up on - the flying is the same as flying a big one.

I'm not decided on weather i want a big quad, or a helicopter - so im open to that.
I dont wish to have a camera, i dont want it for that - i just want to fly!

I've been to a local shop, and been reccomended a Twister CPX as a good starter as it has all the credentials to begin and advance. Looking it up online here is a PDF of it:


General feedback on forums to this is spares can be hard to get ahold of as only one place supplys them and do occasionally run out of stock for some time.

I thought i'd ask you guys to see if you could point me to what you think i should aim for.
Are the bigger quad copters just as agile as a smaller version i have? I dont wish to got OTT with it.

Ideally id prefer a RTF, i have nothing.. no 4 chan handset.. nada! So im starting from scratch!

Reccomend me if you can what you think would be a good start, quad or heli. I'd be flying in a local park, but i do know of a flying club not too far away.

Budget? ideally id like to not go over 350, if thats unrealistic tell me :)


22-04-2014, 09:54 AM
Paul, it's Col who used to race with you at Southport and many moons ago.

Send us a pm with a contact number and I'll call you when I get chance.

A lot of advice to give and easier in conversation.

Easily get in the air within your budget but personally don't buy a rtf quad unless it's a phantom.

But you'll probably then quickly want to build and progress quickly lol.