View Full Version : Schumacher pre-glued buggy tyres

17-10-2008, 01:08 PM
Schumacher have released their latest 'minispike2' tyres along with the popular minipins in a pre-glued format - ready to race from the packet and mounted to the new CAT SX 'Revlite' wheels. This should see them compatible with the majority of current 4WD buggies by removing the front hex and 2WD rear.


Currently only the popular Yellow compound is available.

U6739 - Minispike2 Yellow Fronts Pre-Glued - 13.49
U6740 - Minispike2 Yellow Rear Pre-Glued - 13.99
U6741 - Minipin Yellow Fronts Pre-Glued - 13.49
U6742 - Minipin Yellow Rear Pre-Glued - 13.99