View Full Version : touring cars at mansfield on sundays

04-05-2014, 08:28 PM
due to the lack of interest in on-road touring cars at mansfield,on sundays. it has been decided that unless we have 5 or more people to make a round up in this class.tourers will not be permitted to take part in the meeting.
the reason is that we are now unfortunately for some primarily an off-road club and to have for example today just 2 tourers turned up and only 1 of them to do just 2 rounds, this means the big ramps could not be put down, it felt abit like broxtowe on a saturday night which is good for on-road but rubbish for the off-road.

thanks for your time


05-05-2014, 08:17 AM
That's fair enough. I would've stayed until the end but couldn't find the outdrive ring after the front spool exploded!