View Full Version : Any practice on this wednesday ?

Capt Hilts
20-05-2014, 07:07 PM
is there any practice going on at RHR this wednesday 21st ?
I ask as I was told that there is none due to the regional event at the weekend.
i did not want to drive down there and find out the hard way - 'tis nearly a 90 mile round trip....:o
Thanks - Rob.

20-05-2014, 07:34 PM
Hi Rob,

Yes practice is still on this wednesday. It will not be on the layout used for the upcoming weekend regional though of course.. The track will be changed before the weekend..


20-05-2014, 08:26 PM
What's the forecast like James?
Hoping to make it down again if its not raining.

21-05-2014, 07:02 AM
Another beautiful day!!

Rain forecast tomorrow..