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27-05-2014, 09:19 PM
COBRA is a family orientated club based in Marshfield on the outskirts of Cardiff.

We race electric based cars; 10th off-road 2wd, 4wd and trucks outdoors in the Summer and GT12′s (Schumacher SupaStox and Mardaves) and micro buggies (like the Carisma GT14B and the Losi mini-8) indoors in the Winter. We're in a built up area so sorry, no nitro or petrol based cars can be run at the club.

All racing is carried out at Marshfield Village Hall. In the Summer we lay the track on the grass field out the back of the Hall and in the Winter we use the Hall itself and put down Primafelt GT carpet to race on.

Timing is taken care of by AMB RC3 equipment. This means that MRT, AMB DP and AMB RC4 Hybrid (AKA Harry) work at the club with no problems. The AMB RC4 Pure (AKA Purcy) will not work at COBRA.


Marshfield Village Hall
Wellfield Road


COBRA Location (Google Maps) https://goo.gl/maps/QsNjQ

COBRA Website http://www.cobracardiff.co.uk/

COBRA Facebook http:///www.facebook.com/groups/81627602464/

Marshfield Village Hall http://www.marshfieldvillagehall.org.uk/index.htm