View Full Version : Anyone still running TTGs?

05-06-2014, 11:04 PM
Just wondering if anyone is running TTG cars anymore?
My son and I have GT01s I have yet to finish mine... actually start would be more apt unless opening the box and filling it with shiny alloy upgrade parts counts lol

My son has completed his one (Valliant Porsche) with a few 3 racing upgrades (Shocks, steering arms, turnbuckles & swingshafts and a few other bits)
running on a 6300Kv brushless motor and 1300Mah lipo... even on the supersoft tyres its handles like a real 911 in the corners but does go like a missile up the straights.

We also Have a NIB desert gator RTR that is yet to see daylight, tho I might drag it out for the CMCC indoor series this winter as the GT01s come with 12mm hex adaptors as extra parts on the sprues so can run yellow mini pins

The Desert Gator
http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee322/Essex2Visuvesi/RC%20Bits%20sale/D1A07B44-DB1D-4C5F-B268-E4A33BE615BA.jpg (http://s532.photobucket.com/user/Essex2Visuvesi/media/RC%20Bits%20sale/D1A07B44-DB1D-4C5F-B268-E4A33BE615BA.jpg.html)
http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee322/Essex2Visuvesi/RC%20Bits%20sale/C708AB86-5AE2-4CE4-BF88-3D3BF38399C0.jpg (http://s532.photobucket.com/user/Essex2Visuvesi/media/RC%20Bits%20sale/C708AB86-5AE2-4CE4-BF88-3D3BF38399C0.jpg.html)
http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee322/Essex2Visuvesi/RC%20Bits%20sale/6019CB28-29B5-4AE7-9BE3-BB6C0A839112.jpg (http://s532.photobucket.com/user/Essex2Visuvesi/media/RC%20Bits%20sale/6019CB28-29B5-4AE7-9BE3-BB6C0A839112.jpg.html)