View Full Version : PARTY in the DUNES 2014....NEWS....

30-06-2014, 03:21 PM
Sadly the guys who organise this event each year have both been extremely busy this time around with other things (baby's, new business ventures, work, life in general) so haven't had chance to make all the proper arrangements. Since it's far too late to make up for that now, we have sadly decided to drop the full event, and save it to run again for next year when it can be properly planned and promoted once again. :(

Instead of the full event, a few of us intend to use the dates for a relaxed and social weekend instead...and anyone is free to join us at any point during if they'd like! We'll just be running open track time on Saturday, a few are camping overnight and then if enough are around on Sunday and fancy it, we will set a computer up for some relaxed timed racing. If there isn't enough interest in racing, it'll be open practice again. :thumbsup:

This will not be a club championship round, both tracks will be available for open practice, but any timed racing will be limited to offroad only on Sunday. We'll make the decision about timing or not on Sunday morning at around 10am depending on the numbers.

Open practice is free to members as usual. Non members will need to purchase track passes as normal, though we will take cash trackside over the weekend since we'll be there. If we do run timing on Sunday, we'll charge an extra couple of to everyone, just to cover the cost of the generator etc.

Camping is the usual 7 per night for the landlord, which can be prepaying via the website (easiest for us), or we'll take cash on the day.

There is no need to book in, just come and go whenever you want!

Since we don't expect big numbers due to the lack of promotion, the cafe will be closed all weekend, so you'll need to come with ALL your own refreshments.

SORRY for the late update on this, but if anyone fancies a relaxed bit of track time, and a social evening on Saturday night, everyone is welcome to join us!

The event SHOULD be back next year in all it's glory hopefully :D:thumbsup: