View Full Version : Buggy foams help

09-07-2014, 06:54 PM
Looking to race at the club with my 2wd buggy as its one of the few I can do that is midweek. A friend of mine is a member and tells me all about the rules on the new carpet. I have ordered some foams but don't really have the know how on fitting them etc. would anyone be able to help or even source a new set of prepared foams on wheels to collect on my first trip. Any help much appreciated

10-07-2014, 11:33 AM
Mounting foams isn't difficult. Cut the inner ribs off a set of wheels so you have a flat surface to glue the tyres onto. The safe way is using side cutters to trim them down, then a Dremel with sanding drum to remove them fully, or sticking them in a lathe and turning them off. Others are happy to cut them off with a knife or chisel.

With buggy wheels the tyres are a tight fit, so you can probably get away without gluing, but gluing them on is a more permanent solution. My usual way is to coat both tyre and wheel with Evostik, and let it dry overnight. Coat them again to lubricate them, and slide the tyre onto the wheel. A simpler way is to put the tyre on the wheel, then peel back the tyre and put Evostik in the gap. Another alternative is to use a flexible cyanoacrylate, again by peeling the tyre back and running glue inside the gap.

Once glued it is best to true the tyres to make sure they are round for best performance. If you give me advance warning I can bring my tyre truer with me and true them for you at the club.