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18-07-2014, 03:55 PM
Hi Everyone,
I used to race 1/10th electric touring cars at Eastwood RC track on Sundays and a bit of indoors at Swanwick and at Worksop in the late 90s/ early 00s. My dad used to take me along as I was about 13/14. I've still got all the old Schumacher Axis chassis, spares, upgrades along with all my Motors, batteries etc. I'd not touched it since, until a few weeks ago. I've bought some fresh batteries but that's about it.

After about 10 minutes I decided I wanted an offroad buggy, as I remembered the fun I used to have with my Tamiya Fighter Buggy RX before the touring car racing. So I've just bought an Ansmann Madrat 2wd Chassis & Shell second hand off ebay in great condition with no electrics for about 30.

I've rebuilt one good 12T motor out of all my old bits, skimmed and fitted new brushes. Fitted the old LRP IPC speedo, futaba 40mhz receiver and metal gear speedo.

I've just been out bashing over some bumps and stuff up Keighley way at a friends and after the motor bedded in it was good fun, really seems to handle the bumps, level out well and corner well. Quite fast when it gets going. Got the smallest pinion the local shop stocked (18T) but I wouldn't want any less speed anyway.

Since all the fettling I've been quite enjoying it and remembering the day before the race meet, rebuilding the car, servicing the motor, setting up the suspension, camber, toe-in etc. So I'm thinking of coming along on a Wednesday to see what's happening.

I was never very consistent, always raced the stock class so I'd definitely still class myself as a Rookie.

I plan to get a Brushless Motor + ESc next and eventually switch to Lipo power. I've upgraded the plastic suspension to the Ansmann alloy ones.

I have little lad who takes most of our hard earned coin thats why I'm starting small and doing things gradually and didn't just go out and buy a bunch of kit (as tempting as it is). But perhaps he'll get into RC cars too when he's older and we can share his birthday presents!!

So that's the background out the way, there's a few questions off the back of that.

Firstly, what sort of Brushless setup should I be looking at? After googling a bit I'm thinking 9T 60A kit, I'm looking at the SKYRC stuff on ebay as it looks good value for money, but can't seem to find any reviews. Has anyone else had their kit and know to steer clear or would recommend?

If we say the brushed 12-4 brushed motor is working as well as it ever did, would a 9T 4000+kv brushless be a lot more powerful and faster than this? What sort of gearing would you run on there for a good mix of launch but a decent top end too? I think the current Spur gear is a 52T

The aim is to keep up on the track (ability permitting) but it also needs to destroy the back garden or park as well, because I'm a big kid.

I appreciate this has been a ramble. I'd just be grateful of any any advice based on the above. What kind of motor kit to go for, any worth while mods or upgrades I should consider doing. Any one familiar with the particular chassis and have any tips?

Oh and what tyres to people run on the offroad buggies indoors?

Ramble Over, look forward to coming along and meeting some of you :)
Wouldn't mind some touring races either if anyone's interested?

Mike Nash
18-07-2014, 04:45 PM
hi Butter86

The best advice is come along to the club wed night and have a word with some of the guys there we are a friendly bunch (unless tom has a lolly in his mouth) and I am sure someone will point you in the right direction as for tyres there is a debate at the moment regarding foams vs rubbers most people run rubbers Schumacher cut staggers on the front and yellow mini pins on the rear or the new contact racing foams

hope this helps


18-07-2014, 06:24 PM
Thanks Mike, I will pop over - hopefully this coming week, if not the week after.

18-07-2014, 08:25 PM
As mike said just come over and probably not race this week have a walk round and ask some questions to get a feel of it, equipment wise it seems you need a balance between value & quality look in the electric section here on oople you may have to trawl through some pages but it will give you a insight to what people's views are who use certain brands, as for motors if you concerned at the speed of the current brushless motors then go to a bigger wind like 10.5t or 13.5t there still very quick if you want them to be in a novices hands.

20-07-2014, 07:56 PM
The sky to stuff is very good. I've won the a final with a 9 turn sky re motor and speedo. Lots of ansmann/team c drivers at Mansfield. So as already mentioned come along and have a look and get some good solid advice from a very friendly bunch:thumbsup:

21-07-2014, 12:11 PM
The sky to stuff is very good. I've won the a final with a 9 turn sky re motor and speedo. Lots of ansmann/team c drivers at Mansfield. So as already mentioned come along and have a look and get some good solid advice from a very friendly bunch:thumbsup:

You said bunch :thumbsup:

22-07-2014, 07:49 AM
Whatever you do, don't spend any more money on upgrading the Mad rat.

Other than the shocks, leave it as standard.

The reason I say this is it's a rear motor buggy and not really suitable for the track at Mansfield. They don't offer enough rotation. I used to run an Ansmann X2 pro (the racing version of the Mad rat) and really struggled with the setup. I changed it for a Team C TP02c (same basic buggy but mid motor) and instantly went 2 seconds a lap quicker and so much nicer to drive. You'll be looking to change it for a mid motor pretty soon. In the meantime run minipins all round. Cut staggers don't give enough grip up front.

23-07-2014, 10:03 PM
I've got mini pins on it at the moment (I think they may be more... erm, mediumpins actually so may have to buy some - lol), and I upgraded the suspension/ fitted the adjustable type turnbuckles so setups are easier. But yes this car is really just to get me back into it and as you say I imagine I'll be wanting something a bit more competitive after I've got a taste for it.

I didn't make it over today but I'll come over next Wednesday and look out for everyone, watch some racing and see what people have.

24-07-2014, 05:41 AM
You said bunch :thumbsup:

You said solid

24-07-2014, 09:14 PM
random... think I'll fit in :D

25-07-2014, 06:37 AM
If you like racing and having a laugh you will fit right in pal. :p

28-07-2014, 08:34 AM
random... think I'll fit in :D

Ha ha....... you said fit in!!!

28-07-2014, 08:35 PM
lol! :)

06-08-2014, 05:42 PM
I'm going to pop over tonight about 8 to see whats involved, so I know what to bring/ expect if I want to come and race some Wednesdays