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1066 Racing
21-11-2014, 10:33 AM
Hi all

We're running an all day indoor 1/10th electric buggy race meeting at our full size sports hall venue in Hastings, Sussex, on December 7th. Track is full carpet, 27x13metres with very high quality jumps and layout, please see our Facebook page for previous tracks/jumps etc. It's an 'open profile' so you don't need to have FB to view.


2wd is our most popular class and will definitely run, we will run 4wd, and a mixed SC/ST Truck class if more than 5 entrants in each; EVERYONE's details will need to be emailed to club to ensure you get a place and to allow us to organise heats, booking in etc in advance of the day.

Full event details below, any questions either on here, in our club section, or via Facebook or email: 1066racing@gmail.com

Venue: The Y Centre, TN37 6RS Hastings, East Sussex

0800: Doors open for pits set up; we have a large dance studio available for pitting, so plenty of room. Please bring tables, extension leads, splitter plugs etc. We have a fair amount of chairs but by all means bring your own. We will have communication from Race Control to pits to keep you updated with schedule.

0900 Drivers briefing

0915 Booking in open until 1000 please book in before you practice.

0915 Track open for practice: 4min slots, you practice, then you marshal next 4min slot. Open practice in that you may run as many times as timetable allows, but YOU MUST ALWAYS marshall the 4min session after your practice. Maximum 10 drivers on the rostrum at any time. Practice closes 10.15.am.

1030 Racing to start; 4 Qualifiers and 3 leg finals for all, finish dependant on numbers but approx 1700.

Recommended tyres are currently Schumacher Yellow minipins for rear, cut stagger low profile for front, but there is no control tyre so run what you like.

Technical regs are as BRCA rules except for lipos, which are open as long as hard cased. We expect everyone to charge cells in a safe manner and in a lipo bag/container.

PLEASE NOTE: Our timing system is RC4, so you will need a pt to race. RC4 works with any AMBrc PT, or an MRT PTX which is of the latest type, RC4 compatible. Unfortunately we do not currently have handout trasponders.

Entry Fees: (pay on the day)

1st Class 8 senior, 5 junior.
2nd Class 4 senior, 3 junior.

Please email the details below to 1066racing@gmail.com, or send a message to us on FB at https://www.facebook.com/1066racing to secure an entry for the day. We need:

Ability 1 novice - 15 pro
PT number

If you require any further information please get in touch...Email, FB, Oople post here or our club section...NOT via PM on here!! Publicly, questions help everyone.

We look forward to seeing you at 1066 Racing!

1066 Racing
08-12-2014, 08:31 PM
A big thanks to everyone who took part and helped with our Winter Warmer meeting hope you guys enjoyed your visit!

Horizon Hobby UK TLR driver Ellis Stafford won the event, with Ed Kerry second and our own Ben Winters 3rd!

Here's a video from Leg 2 of the A final; full size sports hall track which we run fortnightly on a Sunday night, with occasional all day meetings such as the Winter Warmer!


Check out the Facebook page for details of normal club nights: https://www.facebook.com/1066racing

Or come and join us for our next all day meeting on the 11/1/15, which will be our last event in the Y centre before we move to our new (even bigger!) venue on the 25/1/15.

Durango racing
08-12-2014, 09:28 PM
Hi do you any results from yesterday ??

1066 Racing
30-01-2015, 09:31 PM
Hi; Sorry we missed this, we mostly monitor Facebook but appreciate not everyone is on there.

Ellis Stafford won the meeting; full results are on...Facebook! :/ In the gallery. It's an open profile so anyone can view.