View Full Version : SOLD Kyosho Platinum shocks, full set

13-12-2014, 11:02 AM
Selling the shown full set of Kyosho Platinum Shocks. (2 long rear, 2 short front).

I bought them as part of a lot, dissassembled and cleaned them and filled the rear shocks with oil to check the function.
The dampening Ratio/ effect can really be increased quite much.
One lower ball joint is broken (see red circle) and would need to be replaced: part Kyosho ADJ-1 (4,95 GBP on the bay).
Except this they are technically in good condition; optically some really small scratches but also here good condition.

Price is 23 (paypal as gift) plus shipment (3,50 within EU).

Any questions or further pics- just pm.