View Full Version : Important Info on LIPO Charging for 2015.

30-12-2014, 12:10 PM
As of the next race meeting on Jan 11th to keep inline with BRCA guidelines and for insurance liability purposes, EVERYONE must charge all LIPOs in a LIPO sack. LIPOs must be removed from the car and placed in a LIPO sack for charging, NO exceptions.

We always suggest you have at least two LIPOs so one can be on charge ready for your next race.

For those new racers there are plenty of suppliers of LIPO sacks. If you dont have one on a race day we will have a limited number to purchase.

No lipo sack = no racing. We have been very casual about this up-until now but as of 2015 we will enforce the rule. Thank you for your cooperation, it is for everyones benefit. :thumbsup: