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02-01-2015, 02:09 PM
Up for sale is a restored Kyosho Lazer ZX-R MkII.
·MKII means it has in front and rear the shocks stays with 6 holes
·It uses the shorter motor plate and the bigger aluminum gearbox plate on the other side
·Also it uses a normal spiral spring on the slipper
·And the upper wishbones in front and rear are mounted differently to the MkI version.

I bought the car and totally restored it (okay, I did not open the diffs since they were smooth). It seems to have seen little use by the pro-owner.
·Transmission and shocks are extremely smooth.
·Steering is equipped with 4 of the 5x8 ball bearings.
·All aluminum-plate-parts were finesanded.

The small tweaks are:
·Upper radio plate was reworked on the front left corner because the pre-owner tried to install a belt-guide from the ZX (hard to see if you don’t know).
·Also on the top mount of the shocks I installed an additional small shim. The pre-owner squeezed the plastic bushings too much so that the shocks would touch the shock mounts.
·On some places longer screws were used (for example the two most rear sunken screws on the chassis underside).
·The spiral spring of the slipper also was tightened too much. I put it back into shape and it is 90% okay.
·The gear cover was not cut perfectly by the pre-owner.
·The steering aluminum part could use some additional shims at the two 3 mm bushings.
·The original tyres have a bit of flat spots because of the chassis not being supported during storage.

Prices would be:
·Restored Chassis: 100 €
·Manual including MkII Addition: 4 €
·Used Body and undertray, good for a runner: 8 €
·Black plastic wing: 4 €

Price for complete set: 112 €

Shimpent within Europe around 4 – 8 €.

Any questions or if you would like more pics- just pm.



02-01-2015, 02:33 PM
Price please as per the rules