View Full Version : Jan 11th 1066 Winter Jam all day meeting

1066 Racing
03-01-2015, 01:32 PM
As title, all day indoor 1/10th electric buggy race meeting at our full size sports hall venue in Hastings, Sussex, on January 11th.

The last all day meeting was won by TLR driver Ellis Stafford so we're hoping for a another entry featuring some very quick drivers!

Track is full carpet, 27x13metres with very high quality jumps and layout, please see our Facebook page for previous tracks/jumps etc. It's an 'open profile' so you don't need to have FB to view.


4 Qualifiers
3 Leg finals
Doors open 8:00 - 17:00
2wd /4wd/ Truck

We are mainly a 2WD club, you are welcome to run 4WD or truck but we need at least 5 to run a completely separate class; if numbers are low you will be in a mixed heat.

Pre booking is essential to assist us in getting started early on the day; please provide your name/PT number/class and ability from 1 beginner to 15 pro. (If you've raced with us before just name and class.) Details preferably via a message on Facebook or email: 1066racing@gmail.com

Heats will be created the evening before so everyone coming must book in first even the regulars!

8 first class entered, 4 for second class entered, pay on arrival.
Under 16's 4.

We have plenty of chairs but limited tables.
240v power available, bring splitters/leads.
PT's must be RC4 compatible so any AMB PT or the new MRT PTX.

If entering via Facebook 'event' please feel free to put yourself as "going." but you must still send us your details for booking in.

Thanks , 1066 Racing (No Oople PM's please!!)