View Full Version : Open Timed Practice - Sunday 15th Feb

14-02-2015, 01:03 AM
Hi all,
On Sunday 15th Feb we will be holding an open practice.
09:30 - 14:00
2 for members, 3 non members.
No points are being scored. This is purely a test day.

There will need to be enough people to run two small heats, or we won't be able to marshal properly. So as long as we have enough interest, I am happy to come to the track and set everything up. I will be at the track from 09:00 on Sunday, so if only a few people turn up, I will just run an open timed session and those that attend can come and check their fastest laps in race control.

There are other local events on this Sunday, so I doubt that numbers will be great, but it may be a good chance for some of our newer members to get some track time, advice and help with set ups for future race days :) without the pressure from the faster drivers.

I expect that the majority of people will be running 2wd, but I will make time for any class with enough people to make a heat.
1/10 4wd and 2wd can run together if needed.
same with the trucks 2wd and 4wd together.

If anyone wants to come down to the track on Sunday to have a try of the new features and to get some practice laps in, let me know on this post or visit our facebook page and leave a comment!


There won't be our usual canteen staff at hand this week, so if you are planning on coming down, bring a flask and a sandwich! smile emoticon

15-02-2015, 04:50 PM
Thanks to all that came along for some practice laps at the track today :)
Good to see some of the new guys having a few laps and getting to grips with their cars!
Kev Taylor took the fastest lap and best overall 5 min run. Completing his 16 lap run in just over 303 seconds!
The track was quit wet and as usual, when its wet, it's slippery! The 4wd cars looked good though and it was great to see a few (the majority) going round today as well. Hopefully we will get enough for a heat at the next race meeting.
All in, a good day at the track :)

Next Sunday see's Round 8 of the Winter Wonder Championship. I will post an event this evening with dates, times and and weather reports for the day for anyone who is planning on coming along.

Thanks again to the guys that came along today, it's a bit of a trek to get to the track for me, so it's good to know it was worth the drive :)
See you all next week!