View Full Version : 4wd Round 1 Mendip Rc raceway info

14-04-2015, 08:20 PM
This Sunday is Round 1 of the 4wd regional championship and Sc regional Truck championship at Mendip Rc Raceway in Weston super Mare .
There will be 2 rounds of 5min (time permitted but will still be 2 rounds) practise rounds for the 4wd and Sc trucks track is closed to those 2 classes at all times and will first practise will commence at 8:30 am and please Marshall the practise rounds it's only fair on everyone else.
BRCA licence must be shown at all events if you have lost your licence please reorder a new one but let me know in advance and I can check database for current licence to confirm before Sunday
There will be scrutineering for 4wd only we will be doing the usual checks for Motors and Batteries on the BRCA list and min weight of 1588 grams and the car fits in the box with a max width of 250mm. No scrutineering for the SC trucks they just must be 2wd
3 leg A finals for both 4wd and Sc trucks!
Nominated Tyres for 4wd are rear driven axle only and they are Ballistic Buggy or Schumacher mini spike and open choice in front tyres they must be commercially available.