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Josh Nighty
17-05-2015, 05:46 PM
Hi all,

I am new to the R/C club scene, but have had many R/C cars (1/10th electric, 1/10th nitro, 1/5th petrol) and have had lots of experience with them. I haven't, however, joined a club.

I have a petrol HPI and often use it at the local field by me, but I think the neighbours are not to pleased with that!:thumbdown: I am interested in joining the Weston club in Bristol and am happy with the prices and events, but I had a very important question. What are the restrictions, and what is necessary to bring with me? I have already modified my car with a few bits and bobs, but was wondering if this would be allowed.

I would possibly like to race against people, but it is no biggy. I would just like a track to race it around for a change. If I was to race others, could I just show up and do it on the day, or would I have to stick to a set schedule?

I look forwards to hearing from you.

18-05-2015, 02:36 PM
Hi Josh,

To be honest there aren't many restrictions to our club...as such!

If it's your 1/5th scale pertrol you're looking to use...then our on-road track is your only choice at Mendip.

Our off-road track is way too small to be fun or safe, but the on-road track is HUUUUGE though so no problems there.

We have a noise curfew of 9am to 8pm, and as a club member (and BRCA member) you'd be able to use the track any day of the week all year round for practice, provided there is no race meeting on at the time!

In terms of racing others...depending on what exact vehicle you have, you might want to watch this space for news of possible new events for club racing 1/5th scale on-road cars and off-road trucks on the on-road track at Mendip.

Check out our facebook page as well, as we post news on there too....

Other than that....no restrictions, just some common sense to keep yourself safe while you at the track having fun!


19-05-2015, 11:40 AM
Hi blue_pinky, is that correct, shouldn't it be 9pm to 8am or maybe even 8pm to 9am?