View Full Version : Mendip RC Raceway 4WD Winter Wonder Championships Round 11

21-02-2016, 08:50 PM
Mendip Winter Wonder Championships Round 11.

Sunday 28th February 2016

SHORT COURSE & 2WD welcome too.

Gates open 08:30(ish)

Booking in from 09:15-09:45 - Open practice.

Drivers briefing 09:50
Racing starts at 10am!

Race Fees

7 members

10 non members.

1 Juniors

2 - second race class

On site cafe serving everything from a cracking full English Breakfast to hot and cold drinks and snacks!

On site ladies and gent toilets.

Covered pits.

And a warm welcome to any new racers out there!

2wd Buggys

4wd Buggys

Short Course Trucks 2wd + 4wd

Second classes,

If there is anyone intending on running a second class, they must have a replacement marshal for the day, or we will not be able to accommodate it. Thiscan cause an issue with marshalling. If this is the case we will drop the heat with the least drivers that are only running one class. It's only fair to everyone that there are enough marshals to cover each round, so to keep things fair for everyone, we will make a judgement call on the day. The fee for running a second class is 2

Loan transponders,

The club also has a limited amount of loan transponders, we will only be giving these out to the new racers at the club. If you are intending on running a second class, but do not have a transponder for your second vehicle, you will not be permitted to use one of the clubs loan transponders. A transponder is a vital part of your racing gear. Without it, your laps are not recorded.


Please charge Lipo's in the approved charging bags/sacks. The club will not be covered by the insurance, if there is a fire caused by a lipo that is being charged outside of an approved charging bag.

Driving standards,

Lets keep this recent standard of driving going and try to remember the basics. Let faster drivers through, stop your car if you knock someone else's car over or cut the track and try to be considerate to everyone on the track. The fastest way to drive an RC car is to keep it on it's wheels!

Remember, if you cheat, you haven't really achieved anything.

The straight is a ONE WAY NO STOPPING zone.

Going the wrong way down the straight will not be tollerated.


Quite simply, marshal others as you expect to be marshalled. Be fast, but be safe! The rostrum is a 'quiet' zone. Anyone shouting at a marshal will have times removed and/or a penalty given. It's not the marshals fault that you have crashed, so please don't shout at the guys on the track that are trying to help you after you have made a mistake. Hi Vis safety jackets are provided and must be worn. YOU will not be covered by the BRCA insurance if you choose not to wear one.

Weather updates will be posted, so keep your eyes peeled for updates as the week goes by. Again, we will be making judgment calls on the weather as we draw closer to the time.