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1066 Racing
14-09-2016, 12:13 PM
Hi all

As winter is fast approaching here's some details of our winter dates; 1066 Racing based in Hastings, Sussex. Club nights fortnightly on Sundays, 3 all day meetings to make up our Winter Whip series! All run on brand new EOS carpet for mega grip and lower tyre wear.

September 18th Club Night

October 2nd ALL DAY: Winter Whip
October 16th Club Night
October 30th Club Night

November 13th Club Night
November 27th Club Night

December 11th ALL DAY: Winter Whip
December 18th PROVISIONAL Club Night: Poss Xmas race/social

January 8th Club Night
January 22nd ALL DAY: Winter Whip

February 5th Club Night
February 19th Club Night

March 5th Club Night
March 19th Club Night

Club Nights doors open 1700
ALL DAY meetings doors open 0800

Winter Whip 'ALL DAY' series details here on FB:


For those who hate FB...

Really looking forward upcoming Winter Whip series!
MUCH appreciated if all our RC friends would share this event !

New EOS Carpet this year with the same dimensions as last year 28m x 17m

2wd and 4wd , 4 Qualifyers (FTD)
3 leg A finals
10 , 2nd class 5 , U 16 5
Doors open at 8am tables and chairs provided bring your own extension lead.

Best 2 rounds from 3 to count

Schumacher yellow minpins rear
Schumacher yellow staggers front
Both classes.

Lipos must be charged in a sack.

Please keep your pit area clean by putting rubbish in the bins in the hall.

Booking in on the day but PLEASE send me your details as it will speed up the process on the day it's absolutely fine if you decide not to come this is simply adding you to our database.

Would also be great if you can add yourself to the event and let people know who they will be racing against! again its fine if you later decide not to attend

Pt numbers
Ability 1 amateur - 15 pro

These can be sent on facebook or via

Shock protectors MUST be used on all front mounted shocks YZ2, XB2 etc (and rear mounted if it's a Carbon tower like Rb6 etc)

cars like B5M etc are exempt(plastic tower rear mounted shocks)

Hot food and drink available allday from the bar

Need more information please get in touch.

Hope to see you all soon!

1066 Racing

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