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20-12-2016, 02:09 PM
Just a thought, the yanks have several classes to 2WD which allow beginners to make an easier entry into the sport, rather than trying to drive and tame a 7.5t motor!

I believe the most popular class in the states is 17.5 blinky? I wondered if there would be many up for trying a stock class at Mendip with a 13.5t or something? I just thought this may help people focus on their driving instead of trying to tip-toe an overly fast car round our track.

Just a thought, I quite like the idea of running a slower motor and trying to get the most out of it!

20-12-2016, 05:21 PM
I agree that a fast motor isnt a good idea when you first start, but you just cant tell some people :D everyone wants to go fast. I guess theres a few ways to ultimately going fast, start off slow and work up the speed over time or go fast, crash a lot then learn not to crash as much :thumbsup:

I know when I was a kid and first raced in like 1995, I only had like a 27t brushed motor or something equally as slow. It certainly did make you think about lines etc, rather than just blundering from corner to corner way too quickly.

However, dont these types of classes end up getting more expensive as everyone is almost forced to buy the best equipment to get every extra ounce of speed out of them?

20-12-2016, 07:40 PM
Beginner or not, I think the appeal for a stock class like 13.5/17.5t would be there even for the more experienced driver too - myself for example!

I think you get people that feel the need to buy the best motor/ESC's combo's to get an advantage, but in offroad these advantages are marginal. But I can understand this being a problem in onroad stock racing for sure.

21-12-2016, 11:04 AM
I would also be up for this, but the motor should be mandated and bought in bulk - if I've learned one thing from GT12 & 13.5 blinky classes, it's that there's a very large performance difference between motors with the same winding.

Specific a cheap 17.5, such as the speed passion v3.0 & make sure everyone uses the same motor!

21-12-2016, 01:19 PM
You're right. There can be big advantages to running different brands of motor in 13.5/GT12 classes.

I don't think that would apply to off-road at mendip though, simply because the nature of our difficult track means you're not relying on power. For example, I only ever run a Speed Passion 8.5t/10.5t at Mendip yet I'm a front runner against much quick motors.

Power is far from everything in off-road, I don't think there would be any need to regulate which brand of motor people used. The simpler the better :)

20-01-2017, 03:47 PM
Good idea, but how do you police it people will always find away around the rules, plus you need a scrutineer.
A single make or single tyre make and compound can work, or introduce a training scheme to bring along new drivers with set ups and driving skills.

20-01-2017, 04:04 PM
I wouldn't say you need a scrutineer, it's more of a gentlemans agreement and it's only club racing after all. Like GT12 racing, you don't have people checking all the motors at club level - it's just for fun club racing after all! We do a similar thing in rallycross.

Like I said above, offroad is a lot less about the power than onroad. The quicker guys with a 13.5 will still beat the usual lot running 6.5's. I'd be willing to run a 13.5t to showcase.

20-01-2017, 11:38 PM
Sorry can't agree Dan. Although the idea of racing a stock class can make for something different, all you would be doing is splitting the class into even less heats. The idea worked well in the old RRC series when you had 100 modified and 40 standard class at each meeting. But at club races you would end up with only 10 - 15 people in each class and if you made it mandatory people had to race standard motors, then the others would just race a different class. You only have to looked at CWIC on road series, you have twelve heats split between five different classes and some can't even fill a heat.

If you looked at it the other way round if the club only ran one class, you would have 50+ drivers all competing for the same thing.

On a different note going back to stock motors. It would be good if all new drivers were made to start racing with stock motors and only allowed to use modified once they get to a certain standard or period of time in racing. Also I don't believe in any sponsored driver should be allowed to race stock. And if they were, they should only be sponsored for one full season, before having to move up to modified.

Otherwise Dan, nice your thinking of other ways to get people racing. But I feel too many classes will make racing less interesting.

27-02-2017, 03:51 PM
I race at yorcc , they have a 17.5t 4wd class and I intend to run in that for the rest of this season .... never raced 4wd always concentrated on 2wd but tbh the standard classes at york are really very good . Very close racing , being slippy surfaces the standard class cars can be quite well matched to the 2wd mod cars going by lap times .

I can't see me wanting to keep it 17.5t but for now I'll see how it goes haha

Quote taken from the B64D thread in the Associated section, found it interesting that they're running a 17.5t class!

Good to know that they find the class incredibly close too.