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07-09-2018, 07:19 PM
I'm in the process of acquiring both the S12 1M and S14.

Mainly going to be running Carpet, and wondered how many folks across the pond are still running the SWorkz cars and what your results are? I know that its less popular here and with resources like PETIT and others, finding a baseline are easier, but overall just looking for feedback.

Any significant changes needed? Are people using AE springs or Yoke Springs?
Unsure yet what class I am going to run. Thinking about Stock 17.5. I currently have a Yoke YZ2 CA2 and love the car. This is more of a favor for a friend and to help test and develop the car.

Curious about those running the 4wd. I've heard from soe I have spoken to that it def. feels more at home outside on larger tracks, that inside on tighter tracks, any thoughts?

Just trying to get a feel for what I am in for.



27-09-2018, 11:35 AM
I use the 2wd and is a very good car, I like a lot of steering so added a front wing and posted a picture on a thread here a while ago. I also put fractionally narrower wishbones on the back to use a ball diff (I don't like the gear diff on carpet). Cars great, takes a beating and still no issues. You may want a shorty chassis weight and the alloy or brass front wishbone mounts as I found for me made a difference.

Oh sworkz springs are very good and use as well but have yok ones on mine, a proto cf brace on the back to straighten the rear tie rods which does make a little difference for less aggressive settings but is noticeable and makes the back more forgiving into the corners for my style of driving. Ive placed the esc in the centre behind the servo for a better balance and have a heavier metal geared full size servo for more weight at the front. Hope this helps.

Pm me your email address and can send some pics later on.